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To deny this reality only delays finding a solution.This reference does not change the fact that every survivor - male or female - deserves support, options, resources and safety. Check out a list of helplines and websites offering support and answers to your questions about teen dating and breakup violence .

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Both females and males can be victims of dating/domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking, but studies consistently reveal the majority of victims are female.

To address that reality, on this website most references are to victims as female and abusers as male because to deny the reality only delays finding the solution.

REPEAT THAT VIOLENCE, ABUSE OR ASSAULT ARE NOT HER FAULT: It is common for survivors to feel they have done something wrong.

Continue to remind her that the violence, abuse or assault was the other person's choice and that's where the blame belongs.

Womens provides easy-to-understand legal information to women living with or escaping domestic violence.