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She's protecting herself and Alex at the same time because her husband is dangerous and if he found out Jo was with Alex, that could be a bad thing for Alex, too.

Has this been the reason the proposal hasn't worked out every time?

I didn't know she was married until the table read [for the finale]. She's drunk but from what she said, her husband is super charismatic and everyone loved him. She thinks if she files, he will be able to find her and she has gone almost undercover; she ran from him and, in her mind, disappeared from him.

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As turns out, Jo is married and left her abusive husband — and never filed for divorce because she feared that the well liked and charismatic guy would track her down after she left him and disappeared.

This being , De Luca winds up looking out for Jo and drives her home, where she proceeds to drunkenly undress as she prepares to go to bed, with Alex walking in to find the friends in an innocent, yet compromising position.

And if she doesn't, I can't imagine him forgiving her for saying no [to his latest proposal]. And now with De Luca, it looks like she's cheating.

The way the season ends, does it seem like Jo and Alex broke up?

She's genuinely terrified of someone else ruining their relationship, someone who destroyed her before and she had to build herself back up.