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If you weren't there then you misssed out big time, but support your Rock and Metal bands. Oh, well Metal On Metal speaks for itself; and as for What Is And What Should Never Be: Trillians Rock Bar Trillians Country and Western Bar Looks like the Pemberton Arms bites the dust on the 25th of this month. (I mean for the info - I really don't think the closing down is his fault). And who can forget their momentous gig at Stormin'?

Steve, Robb and Chris were mega-excited tonight - Trillians was bursting at the seams. Also appearing with them are former JUDAS PRIEST singer Tim "Ripper" Owens and LYNCH MOB's Oni Logan. Anyone living in the North East who appreciates quality Rock must surely have attended at least one of their concerts.

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His distinctive power-house vocal style got him the attention of local musicians and eventually landed him the lead singer in , which he held for the last few years of the band's existence.

Since then he had been involved with several bands, some covers acts, some doing original material, yet always done to high standard with his trademark Brazilian passion stamped all over it.

(This post was inspired by a search term that someone used to find my blog.) Answer: It depends.

There were many individuals listed in the Bible who were not married, but most were. In the Old Testament as well as the New, it is crystal-clear that sexual relations are only allowed between married individuals.

And to celebrate the evening he has amassed a line-up of some of this region's top rock acts, with the aim to raise money for the Roddy B Foundation which has been put together by Gary in association with Roddy's wife Eli.