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”Once wardrobe changes had been made, the two set out on the ride.

After an hour, Michael suggested they stretch their legs and take in the sunset.

The next day, that same friend and Whitney came barreling down the slopes only to find Michael having a long, leisurely lunch on what was a very optimal ski day.

She suggested that the amazing Diana Sorensen of Sugokuii Events do the actual wedding, which was crucial.

It’s important to have an event designer and planning team who speak the language and know all of the vendors and processes like the back of their hand.”After the couple confirmed their event designer, Whitney and Michael did what many might call crazy and proceeded to plan an entire wedding at a venue neither of them had ever been to before.

They hopped off their horses, and he got down on one knee.

“Turns out he had the ring in his pocket the whole time,” says Whitney.

Whitney Wolfe, the founder and CEO of Bumble, has made matchmaking her business.