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Further, the Treasurer stated that an annual audit has not been performed.We found that although the Board has not developed formal written fund balance and reserve policies or comprehensive multiyear financial and capital plans, it has used available fund balance and reserves, as appropriate, to avoid significant real property tax increases.Specifically, although variances between budgets and actual results for 2016 were within 4 percent for each operating fund, the City's general fund continually relied on a 0,000 annual fund balance appropriation to finance operations.

Despite this level of collection, the Village still has approximately $1.8 million in cumulative unpaid parking tickets outstanding as of September 30, 2017, including 31,870 tickets that remain outstanding from before January 1, 2012 with associated fines and penalties totaling more than $660,000.

These tickets remained on the contractor's report of unpaid parking tickets and no additional actions were taken to collect these amounts.

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Town officials appropriately used the machinery capital reserve to replace equipment as planned.