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There are no universal secrets to pleasing another person, man or woman. Some may like a finger up the backdoor while others may react violently. As a result: you have men going around convinced that they possess divine sex powers…

right up until they encounter the first woman who didn’t have a problem letting him know of you rather than a case of “easy cum, easy go” – will reward you far more than just mindlessly banging anyone who happens to say “yes” once. Now, odds are that if you’re a virgin and don’t want to be, you’ve had some marathon masturbation sessions in your time.

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Some guys need more stimulation to the underside of the glans while others need pressure more than friction.

Some need more varied friction while others do better with a specific rhythm. after all, how’s a partner supposed to get you off when don’t know what you need?

But do you know how to tell what it is you’re doing when you’re indulging in some quality alone time?

What we do to get ourselves off is an important part of sex…

because it’s information our partners would rather dearly like to know.