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Another consequence of sexting: Experts have found children and teens that sext are more likely to engage in real-world sexual activity than students who don't sext.

The issue is compounded when adults aren't setting the right examples.

Considering all the kickass things you and an attractive woman have available to do, do you think taking more than 10 minutes to text someone who isn’t there REALLY worth it? You clearly follow my advice, and all the women who have your number are blowing up your phone about places to go and things to do and how much they want to see you. She hates texting you, but she does it, because they’re all invitations to meet in person unless she’s the female version of the kind of guy who needs to read my blog. Whenever it was you both met, and she got your number, or you got hers, she decided that you were actually worth it enough to take time out of her day to type a bunch of crap on a tiny keyboard. They don’t need the safety net of “at least if she rejects me she’s not in the same room.” You don’t build social confidence by dipping your toes in the water.

Here’s the thing, though: The reason that a woman might blow up your phone with text is not because she likes texting, but because she likes YOU. In fact, if she’s blowing up your phone with invitations, she’s probably thinking “fuck this fucking tiny ass keyboard I need to get laid by this guy, why is he not where I am arggggghhh! If she’s an attractive woman with a busy schedule, this actually means she wants to spend time with you. If she’s a boring person with nothing better to do, well, ignore her texts. If a woman wants to be spending time with you, she doesn’t want to be texting you. Every text she sends is, in her mind, a way to get you to where she is so that things can escalate physically. All you have to go on is the frequency at which she texts you, and to me, that’s a better gauge for how annoyed I’m getting that someone’s texting me all fucking day. You gotta get to swimming depth, and flail around a lot until you learn how to float.

Sexting: online and off When young people sext, they often lose control of the situation quickly.

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