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For general questions about downloading transaction information from vanguard.com, call Vanguard at 888-353-0547.

We strongly recommend backing up your transaction data before making any changes: Within Quicken, on September 10, 2014, Vanguard’s name was update from Vanguard Group to Vanguard.

Your downloaded account history includes purchases, redemptions, dividends, and capital gains.

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If prompted by Quicken, make sure to indicate that any employer plan accounts belong in Quicken's 401(k)/403(b) account registers.

Note: Backing out of changes in Quicken can be difficult.

What happens to my transaction data if I convert to Admiral™ Shares? You can download transactions for these Vanguard account types: Note: Once the accounts are configured, your Quicken 2014 or higher software will automatically retrieve your most recent transactions for each account.

Return to top Note: Backing out of changes in Quicken can be difficult.

You can download your transactions into Quicken 2016 or higher from our website using the Web Connect feature available on vanguard.com: The information above only applies to Vanguard mutual fund accounts.