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You start to question if you’re ready and if you should run (in the opposite direction of the finish line) while you still can.And that pre-race anxiety isn't just unpleasant—it can also affect your performance.But you can conquer half the battle and take a mindfulness-based approach to pre-event jitters.

So don’t allow yourself to think about your worries, anxiety, or fears, or allow others to talk about them around you—this only deepens negative beliefs and feelings. So only let yourself talk about your past training successes.

Only you know what got you to the race and will get you to the finish line.

There’s one thing every athlete—college football players to Olympians, marathoners to Cross Fitters—can relate to: pre-race or event jitters.

The days, hours, and minutes before the clock starts can have your cool demeanor cracking, your palms sweating, your heart hammering.

This way you can tune in to your body and your performance, rather than letting anxiety eat at you.