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Among the others, Abrams gets nods for hewing to a love for music pre-dating the advent of rock 'n' roll.Whoever makes the top-ranked Fox program's behind-the-scenes decisions is at no time explained by host Ryan Seacrest, a much more palatable presence now that he can no longer challenge a taunting Cowell and regularly fall short of the mark.

(By the way, if you think you've missed the Abrams-Reinhart "Moanin'," there's no cause for moanin'.

Others: Faily, Bunny Brigard, Avril Lavigne, Trial Separation Girl, Navigation Girl, Proud Wifey, Almanac Girl, Heeley, Teacher Girl, Hannah Montana, Married Girl, Stoner Girl, Jailey, H.

Although Tyler has occasionally referred to Broadway-type warbling (whatever that is) in what sounds like slightly disparaging terms, all three judges repeatedly encourage the contestants to follow their personal interests and every time the advice is taken offer copious congratulations.

Unlike previous years, when contestants were strong-armed into areas with which they were clearly ill-at-ease -- and the phrases "old-fashioned" and "too cabaret" abounded -- this year Scotty Mc Creery, for instance, is patted on the back for sticking to country music -- although he shows talent for spreading himself wider in terms of material.

Gronk, 26, helped lead the Patriots to a 27-20 victory against the Chiefs.