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The three pillars of love relationships are intimacy, commitment, and passion.

Intimacy – This is defined by Psychology Today as the extent to which you experience or seek feelings of closeness or connective emotional bonds.

In this relationship, you live together and love one another but aren’t really connected emotionally anymore.

The sexual desire is gone and your relationship is more like going through the motions. Here you’ve been together for many years and are still “in love.” You are still emotionally and romantically attracted to one another and completed committed and dedicated to one another. In this relationship, you’ve been together for a few months and really like one another but you haven’ stepped into much of an emotional connection yet. Where you’ve got an innate sexual and romantic attraction toward one another, there’s that emotional connection, and you’ve both commitment to the future together and look to only deepen your love bond.

It’s easy to run or stray from a relationship when problems hit the fan.