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Stephanie impulsively asks the gym hunk out in reaction to her confused feelings about Ricky.

The Cooper clan takes a camping trip to revisit the old cabin they used to frequent with Ricky’s late wife and the girl’s mother, Isabella.

All of you Nobel laureates share the extraordinary ability to explain parts of our everyday reality that have not been understood before, or were previously seen from a different, and less informative, perspective.

You are the builders of a science that is also a guide to policymaking.

Widower and former pro baseball player Ricky Cooper (Barry Watson) gets back in the dating game with the help of this three daughters and his mother in law (Raquel Welch), whether he likes it or not.

On Ricky Cooper’s 40th birthday, his mother-in-law decides to move out leaving him to play cook, maid, and mother.

Rosa notices that the Cooper family is absent of their Mexican heritage and teaches them all to Salsa at her senior’s bingo night.