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its a closed casket service since nobody wants to see you gross and eyesless with gore splattered all over your face. :x Granted, but after scaning one picture it starts on fire and explodes in your face, giving you third degree burns and making you lose your eyesight.

I wish I lived closer to school.336 Oh come on, there were lots of more valid reasons than a grudge to disregard him! I wish that I had another Bread.366 Granted, that's all you're going to eat for the rest of your life. Your body becomes deprived of proper nutrients and you die within a year. Granted, (your answer is vague as to what "normal hair is")you get normal curled, split ended hair full of hair knots, since that's what I call "normal hair"I wish I had all the Vocaloid figurines in the world.376 Granted, but you get arrested by your government for having a ton of guns. I wish 100K BBS IP visits hadn't broken our visitlogger.(Still, hooray for getting there! Granted, you never sleep again and you just sit and think, for the rest of your life.

Namely, his random-ass reference to manga even though Yunie never specified her style, and more importantly the fact he never made a wish.337 Granted. Your grades had dropped to such an absolutely terrible level that you were sent off to boarding school, and forced to take classes for most of your waking hours. I wish Lamb were back; he never did his 100 pushups for you.364 You get one delivered to you. It was only around 40K when I got onboard in October, things are taking off! you get so depressed because all you can do is think, and die of starvation.

you can never find it again because you put it in place one of the other billon games.

I wish I had a billion red versions to combat your blue versions.

And since somebody forgot to put a sponge on your head, it's extremely painful and takes like 5 tries. Granted, but then typing becomes obsolete, and computers are linked to minds. Granted, but he chokes and dies, so when the wish is traced back to you, you get a lethal injection as you are still a Pokemon. A wave of stupidity travels across the globe like an epidemic.