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And the i Player app is 46MB, but there's 512MB of data associated with it, which suggests we have downloaded some programs at some point that are still lurking inside the app. Tapping the arrow next to an app also gives you the option to 'offload' it, a fancy term for deleting the app but keeping its documents and data. i Phone Storage, you'll see some recommendations for optimising your storage (above the list of apps). i OS will encourage you to use i Cloud Photo Library, for instance, which stores your snaps in the cloud, and to Auto Delete Old Conversations from the Messages app.

But the most interesting (and in some ways most drastic) suggestion is Offload Unused Apps.

In the past, Apple has prevented i Phone and i Pad owners from deleting these apps from their devices.

The good news is that since the launch of i OS 10 you've been able to delete some of the preinstalled apps, such as Stocks, Face Time and Mail.

As an aside, note that even though you can't upgrade the internal storage, you can supplement an i Phone's capacity with external storage accessories; it's also worth reading our wider-ranging tips on how to increase i Phone storage through various means.