Nas invalidating pack

This feature is restricted to only those users belonging to a user group assigned with Administrative Management capabilities for the Comm Cell or Client computer within the Comm Cell.

For more information, see Capabilities and Permitted Actions.

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If you are uninstalling a component in a clustered environment, see Uninstalling Components from a Cluster for additional cluster-specific considerations.

Consider the following prior to uninstalling the Comm Serve: Data Agent, Quick Recovery Agent, Recovery Director, and QSnap.

Removing a component is a two-phase process: Software packages can be uninstalled from client computers and Media Agents in your Comm Cell using the Comm Cell Console interface.

The Uninstall Software utility allows you to quickly see a list of the software packages installed on the selected computer, from which you can then select the components to uninstall.

The following Net Ware components may be removed using the uninstall procedure: Since the component software depends upon the Base software, you must uninstall the component software first.