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follows the journey of a teenage girl whose life changes drastically when she becomes a star and wins the love of her rock and roll idol, and both are tested by setbacks, heartbreak and deception.

The first season of the 80-episode series, co-produced with Televisa in association with Sony Pictures Television, will air weeknights at 9p.m.

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After 3 days she said she don't want to be in relationship because all it reminds her of ex. She said she is fat, next time she said it was her cousin sis who played all this trick. We receive so many requests everyday, so please make it easy for us to help you by following the guidelines.

She used to share everything like what she was talking to her friend, what she is doing.

It's not always easy to decipher the characters' true intentions and thus identify a villain.

On the upside, the main characters adhere to their high moral standards and enjoy supportive relationships with their parents, which is a big part of their success.

She began her television career on first broadcast on Canal de las Estrellas and Univision in 1990.