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Whilst the paper details significant concerns about the one star food hygiene rating, the cleanliness issues identified by the CQC last year and ongoing employee relations issues, there are also a range of ‘hard FM’ issue the Trust continues to push Carillion to resolve.

The paper sets out the key concerns the Trust has about Carillion’s ability to tackle these issues to ensure our patients, visitors and staff are receiving the highest quality service.

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Quality consideration and impact on patient and carers: The risks identified in this paper pose a potential risk to patient care and staff wellbeing.

Consultation/ Communication: Ongoing communication is maintained with Carillion and The Hospital Company through a Joint Management Board.

Failure to adequately resolve the ongoing issues with Carillion will have a negative impact on patients, staff and the Trust.

Agenda Item 7 Page 23 Resource Implications: (financial / human / other resources) Any additional resource implications will need to be considered, at present legal expenses are being incurred.

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