Dating no phone calls

Excuses women use to explain his behavior: Sure it’s late and past your bedtime and he’s slurring his words. Excuses women use to explain his behavior: Maybe he wasn’t clear that you wanted to see him this weekend. If that’s not happening, you’re not getting all his attention.” Is it foolish to accept Joe’s sweeping generalizations regarding the behavior of his (and my) kind?

But he’s calling you “honey” and “sweetheart” and “sugar plum.” He brought flowers. Reality check: Let’s just say that a guy who does this is interested in something—sex. Because the fact is, he’s probably saying “honey” and “sweetheart” and “sugar plum” to waitresses he likes. Or maybe he’s shy, or intimidated by you, or…this point you know the drill. Let’s listen some more to The Sphinx: “What exactly is it that women don’t understand about us? She was interested, I wasn’t, and I wanted the thing to fade away.

Someone who is so brilliant can’t be expected to keep track of time.

He knows I’m The One, but isn’t ready to settle down yet. Reality check: The truth is, there are some men who really cannot plan their lives more than 24 hours at a time: They are secret service agents and undercover CIA operatives and those guys who are called in when oil rigs explode and fires rage out of control and only they have the expertise and sheer manly guts to handle the emergency.

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