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For decades, marketers have managed to convince American consumers that they had problems they never knew were problems -- halitosis, body odor, coffee nerves, dishpan hands, even bad breath in dogs -- and then peddle them solutions.

Blue Sky is simple, delicious and as refreshing as the mountain air that surrounds us.

Growth in the billion American soft drink industry has slowed during the 1990's.

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Jesse Meyers, editor and publisher of Beverage Digest, an industry newsletter, called Pepsi's move "a good idea." "The diet market needs help," he said."All the research we've done leads us to believe it really isn't a consumer issue," Randy Donaldson, a spokesman for Coca-Cola in Atlanta, said.

In 20 percent of the country, he added, Coca-Cola had already replaced the internal-use code on can bottoms with consumer-readable dates, with the rest to follow.

The rumors started vanessa the year-old actress posted a photo of herself on still media in which she is wearing a diamond ring on that special finger. A post shared by Vanessa Butler vanessahudgens on Dec hudgens, at 2: The couple is back home on the west coast for the holidays after spending time in New York City, vanessa Vanessa filmed her movie Second Act.

Vanessa is starring in the upcoming rom-com with Jennifer Lopez!

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