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It's out on now, and Liam is acutely aware that it could do battle with brother Noel's next album, due to come out a month later.

Asked about this eventuality, Liam said: “Oh I’m all for it. If that becomes a f***ing circus, then there’s nothing new there, is there?

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LIAM Gallagher is now best-known for his war of words with his brother and former bandmate Noel — as fans continue to dream of an Oasis reunion.

We take a look at the life and loves of the mouthy former frontman. Singer-songwriter Liam Gallagher was born in Manchester on September 21, 1972 - the youngest of three boys.

Liam tweeted: “That gobs**** out of Blur might have turned Noel Gallagher into a massive girl but believe you me nxt time I see him there’s gonna be war.” Noel is equally dismissive of Liam, recently telling Vulture: “Listen, nobody gives a f**k what Liam thinks about anything.” After Liam sent a warm birthday message to sparring partner Noel, hopeful fans were still crossing their fingers about a gig Liam played on May 30 in Manchester to raise funds for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

There were pleas for Liam, who called Noel “the creepy one out of Oasis”, to get together with him at a solo gig in Manchester despite Noel's controversial collaboration with Damon Albarn.

Now 44, Liam spends most of his time talking about how his band Oasis will eventually get back together and make more music eventually.