Music lover dating

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For a start it usually happens in a pub or club, which means you’re senseless with booze and have to shout, thereby steamrollering any nuance in what you have to say and rendering your best-laid conversational zingers as blithering drunktalk. If you’re single, and you’re introduced to another single person, you’re inclined to project a desperate sort of I-am-potentially-available-for-sex version of yourself, which may have precious little to do with your actual personality. Actually, that’s not true: dating sites merely defer the agony until the first date.

They take the social sting out of meeting strangers.

Grab a bite at Central BBQ a few blocks away on Butler Street—because there’s nothing like some down-home ribs paired with down-home music.

Get up early—it’s almost 400 miles down Interstate 55 to New Orleans.

These days no-one thinks you’re some kind of whey-faced spod just because you met your girlfriend on Guardian Soulmates.