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Dating violence program

More than half of the victims of violence and abuse had their first experience in adolescence, which further increases negative health outcomes across the lifespan.

Victims of IPV are more likely to report frequent headaches, chronic pain, difficulty with sleeping, activity limitations, and poor physical and mental health than men and women who did not experience IPV.

It is important that public health agencies provide leadership and support in in building community-based prevention initiatives that address IPV and teen dating violence, or adolescent relationship abuse.

The severe health consequences of IPV for individuals and communities demand the attention and contributions of public health professionals in order to prevent injuries, save lives, and build safe and healthy communities in California.

Tysen Benz, 11, hanged himself after reading messages on Snapchat saying his 13-year-old girlfriend had died. It was all made up by the young girl; she was sending the messages from a friend’s account.