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at Level 1, 2 or 3( Paid) to explain how to properly update. One is an AMI AFUWIN which when opened grabs another file 842P161G. I don't know what the proper flash configuration should be for the Gateway AMI BIOS or the other Gateway Flash utility ( which didn't update the BIOS).ROM which when opened checks off only the Main BIOS box in the AMI Flash menu. However I recoverd by checking all the boxes on the AMI BIOS update through trial and error. Can someone tell me what the proper order of operations is to Flash the Motherboard / CMOS before I try anthing else and wreck the machine.

There were no hardware changes and the only software change was installing/uninstalling Docker.

I purchased the Gateway FX 6800-01e Core i7 920 with X58 Chipset, Vista 64 Bit OS with a build date of 12/26/09 in February.

However there is also another Icon called "flash" and 3 more files: UCORE. I still don't have the Intel Turbo Boost feature in the CMOS even with the AMI Flash that at least recovered the machine.

I have spent weeks before I even attempted this to get help but to no avail from Gateway.

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