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Parents, they have it inside of them to see their children flourish, to see their children grow.

It is an amazing psychological reality that no human being on the face of this earth wants to see another human better than him except for the father when it comes to his son or the mother when it comes to her daughter.

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Money and children, that’s what makes life beautiful for us.

What makes life worth living even for those who don’t believe in a God – for us, of course we have the akhirah but even for those who don’t have any iman, what makes life sweet? And Allah mentions this as a blessing for us, as a blessing that He has given us.

So he’s playing with his grandchildren, and he kisses them, and this Bedouin, he’s amazed, he’s astonished, and he says, “Do you kiss your children?

” because in their culture, it was considered unmanly to show this love.

When Asiya the wife of Firawn sees this child and when the wife of Aziz, when Aziz brings home Yusuf, they both say the exact same thing: “This child, hopefully he will benefit us and we will adopt him as a son, we will take him as a son.” You see, parents, they want children that when they grow older, these children will benefit them.