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As the Dabbs’ reared Reggie, they instilled in him strong moral values, for which he is genuinely grateful.They also ingrained in him the fact that in every situation he faced, he had a choice.

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After graduating from college, Reggie began his public speaking.

During one speaking engagement, his host asked if he would be interested in addressing a high school assembly.

It was there she remembered a former school teacher, Mrs. Dabbs and her husband, whose six children were adults by this time, took the girl into their home and cared for her until after the baby was born.

Dabbs, who had said to her students, “If you ever need anything, call me,” and gave the students her home phone number. They continued to care for little Reggie as foster parents until he was in the fourth grade, and then they officially adopted him and gave him the Dabbs name.

When the presenter asked for clarification that the couple were claiming Kim was cheating on Reggie with Kanye, the rapper replied by saying he had driven the Golddigger hitmaker to hotels to meet her.