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The following components are necessary to setup Wii Flow for launching Wii and Game Cube games from USB media.

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Return to top Once the Homebrew Channel is installed, you can easily run other homebrew software on your Wii.

There are many types of homebrew applications available (the list of homebrew applications on the Wii Brew site is a great place to get started), but the one most relevant for our purposes is Wii Flow.

As my small way of giving back and giving thanks, I put together my own HOWTO covering the most important details regarding exploiting the Wii, setting up your hardware, then installing and configuring Wii Flow for maximal enjoyment.

I would consider the Homebrew Setup page on the Wii Brew wiki to be the most authoritative source of information about Wii hacking.

No more disc swapping, and no more worrying about where to even store all of the games so they're accessible (they're now all boxed up in a closet, along with my Game Cube). :-) Of course, none of this would be possible without all of the hard work by the various hackers, modders, developers, and other enthusiasts that have worked on this over the years, so I fully acknowledge all of their efforts.