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We want to keep the older clients who've been coming year after year comfortable and happy with the service and quality, while trying to bridge the best of both worlds (and keep younger guests happy too)," she adds.

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From cutting them out completely to taking a no-nonsense approach to bidding on keywords, hotels big and small had an opinion on the best way to maximise that all-important direct business. The Summit is an event for hotels of all sizes, so it's not surprising that some people we spoke to had been using live chat for years, while others were only just setting up their website.

But hoteliers kept returning to the subject of messaging and its potential for the Direct Booking Movement.

We're a small hotel in a third-tier market and we just (feel like) we have no market power.

It's been interesting to hear people comment (at the Summit) about how they negotiate with OTAs." Unsurprisingly, the Direct Booking Summit was a hotbed for ideas about dealing with OTAs and rebalancing that relationship.

You need to find out, inside your business, who the right person is to be in that position.