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Hillman College t-shirts and Dwayne Wayne’s famous flip-up eyeglasses are in demand.Art work representing the show’s characters is selling and the show remains popular in syndication.The show inspired her to attend college and had such a strong impact on her that she made it the focus of her master’s degree thesis in communications at Illinois State University (where she is also an adjunct instructor).

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Bell as Ronald ' Ron' Johnson, Lou Myers as Vernon Gaines, (middle) Cory Tyler as Terrence Johann Taylor, Dawnn Lewis as Jaleesa Vinson Taylor, Jasmine Guy as Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne, Kadeem Hardison as Dwayne Cleophus Wayne, (front) Jada Pinkett Smith as Lena James The actors from the show conduct speaking tours together at colleges across the country.

Millennials chronicle moments from their favorite episodes on social media where the cast has a large following.

24, 1987 and not only taught the cast lessons, it took the nation to the yard and schooled them on the culture, care and traditions of black colleges and showcased the experiences of black youth in an unprecedented way for six years.

"The Cosby Show" spin-off was a cultural earthquake and its tremors are still felt today.

The only way to sneak out was through Whitley's room. Dwayne let people think more was going on in that room than "sneaking out."Although Whitley falls in love with Julian in season three, the sexual tension between her and Dwayne remains.