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She has been a principal dancer for Katy Perry, and was a lead cast member on E! Payne was also briefly a member of the third line-up of the girl group The Pussycat Dolls.

She was a choreographer on the You Tube show Dance Showdown.

In early August, Payne danced with Diddy-Dirty Money at the Teen Choice Awards, to their hit track 'Hello Good Morning'.

Throughout August and September, Payne joined Katy Perry on her Teenage Dream promo tour, performing at private concerts around the world, including television appearances on The Today Show, Italy's X-Factor, Germany's Wetten, dass..?

opened with a wonderfully creepy dance featuring all the finalists. Rayven did an odd ballerina / floppy doll kind of routine and Jamie offered a hip swiveling see-I’m-really-a-ballroom-dancer kind of presentation. The judges go off to decide while The Pussycat Dolls writhe across the stage. (No, it’s not a kind of needlepoint but that means she didn’t stay up on her tippy toes the whole time.