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There is a closely related species, Iris orchioides, which may simply be a variant of I. The bulbs should be planted in late summer or autumn, and only about 2in deep.

Great care must be taken when planting this iris (and other Junos) not to damage the fleshy roots, because these persist throughout the year. This iris can also be grown in a cold greenhouse, when it should be planted in a deep pot of John Innes No.

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However, I would also like to speak up for a group of beautiful, and very distinctive, bulbous irises, called the Juno irises, that flower in April.

It is true that most are decidedly miffy in their requirements, but there is one, Iris bucharica, which settles down well in gardens, gives no bother, and thrills me each spring with its flourish of yellow and white flowers.

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