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I live a very full life and it just doesn’t include my daughter.”Amelia claimed abuse by a man who married into the family, when uncovered and confronted the extended family chose not to believe or to support Amelia or her mother.

Family members not only didn’t support by word but also by deed as they allowed the accused “child molester” unlimited access to their own babies.

In the months between graduating from Peabody and attending Harvard she would decide to move in with her teenaged boyfriend.

And for yet others, there is a sense of security or comfort that may be a throwback to childhood, but without the desire to themselves be a baby.

Men vs Women Studies of AB/DL website participants have shown that the majority of adult baby diaper lovers tend to be men, and most started showing an interest in the lifestyle around puberty.

Diaper lovers are generally people who enjoy wearing diapers without a medical need to do so or enjoy watching others wear diapers for sexual enjoyment, but without the associated role-playing as a baby.

For diaper lovers, the diaper is the focus of their interest and they often buy and try many different ones until they find one they like.

A nasty court battle ensued and the outcome was declared “unfounded” and further stated “Amelia has many mental health issues as a result of being sexually abused as a child.” For many years Amelia’s mother grieved the loss of her daughter and her grandchild.