Bluetooth enabled proximity dating service g4

Also, it DID show the device authenticated in the status.I’ve tried restarting sensor, tried checking and unchecking the two optional settings listed ( “Scan For G5 Constantly” and then try “Force G5 to UI Thread” - both together and separately), tried restarting collector.That may not sound like a common occurrence, but scans occur frequently as long as Bluetooth is enabled.

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There is only one truly obvious symptom, but it's incredibly unhelpful for diagnosing the issue.

When the bug exposes itself, it's in the form of a single dialog box with the message, "Unfortunately, Bluetooth share has stopped." After tapping the 'OK' button, the service will automatically restart in the background, and the cycle often repeats shortly afterward.

Okay, so I rushed home, joined the Facebook group and have downloaded x Drip on my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S7.

Now the problem I’m having is…I went through steps 1 - 17 in the x Drip guide and, since we have already had Liam’s sensor in since the 14th, I selected April 14th as the “sensor date”.

The culprit is a nasty little oversight in the Bluetooth Low-Energy code added with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.