Rituals of dating

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Stand-off Wilkinson would always warm up without his England jersey on – that would be saved for the match proper – and then head back to the changing room to put on his shoulder pads, atop a certain lucky garment.

“I always wear the same T-shirt under my England shirt,” the 91-cap Wilkinson, who retired last summer, explained when still playing.

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve always done the Bruce Lee kung-fu wavy hands in the changing room before games.

Marriage, a legally and socially sanctioned union, usually between a man and a woman, that is regulated by laws, rules, customs, beliefs, and attitudes that prescribe the rights and duties of the partners and accords status to their offspring (if any).

Robinson, the former wing or full-back, also – contrary to a number of other players – would insist on heading out of the changing room first.