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Best known as the home of Henry Styles Bridges and as the official residence of the governor, the Bridges House was built by prosperous local joiner Charles Graham in 1835-1836. Hanson House is distinctive for its use of two equally-treated facades and its prominent location on Rochester Hill.

With its well-preserved barn, granite fences and mature trees, the property is the best surviving example of the prosperous farmsteads that once covered Rochester Hill.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places as well, the building is now the headquarters of the Moultonborough Historical Society.

Built in 1919 in brick, Gorham Town Hall replaced opera houses that had burned on the site in 1914 and in 1917.

Recently moved across two runways to avoid expansion plans at Manchester Airport, the 1937 Terminal is a testament to both the state’s aviation pioneers and the tireless vision of modern day historic preservationists.