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All of his brothers have left, and he was spoken for, but due to unforeseen circumstances his new owners couldn't take him. My boyfriend's grandma has a cat she needs rehomed because she just moved to a nursing home. Comes with litter, collar food and his play tunnel.

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I, for some reason, thought it would be fun to not do any of these things and instead spend my free hours on the world’s most notorious gay dating app Grindr, speaking only in Pokémon quotes. Quite often my opening gambit – something along the line of “Me?

And yes: I did it just for the benefit of a potentially entertaining blog post.

We were very sad to hear of the recent death of Elio Fiorucci, one of the most radical and influential designers of the 70s, who perfectly captured the decade’s spirit of diversity and self-expression in his string of shops from Milan to New York to London – fashion and lifestyle emporiums that doubled as destinations in which to see and be seen, hang out and party.

Like the London stores he was inspired by – particularly Barbara Hulanicki’s Biba and Tommy Roberts’s Mr Freedom – Fiorucci’s fun, flashy, irreverent designs collaged pop culture iconography and cribbed from various decades, combining 40s glamour, 50s kitsch and 60s youthquake with keenly sourced inspirations from around the ever-shrinking globe, prompting the label’s biographer Eve Babitz to describe it as ‘the whole 20 And it was a place everyone wanted to be: famously Fiorucci’s New York store attracted everyone from Hollywood to bonafide royalty, rock stars, presidents’ wives, and the starry crowd who frequented the legendary nightclub Studio 54, not to mention the daring individuals in synch with the decade’s anything goes, do-your-own thing zeitgeist, which also drove the label’s creator.

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