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In 1990, a national distribution center is constructed in Burlington, NJ. In 2006, the company is acquired by Bain Capital and taken private.Today, there are over 500 Burlington Coat Factory stores in 44 US states and Puerto Rico.

Not unsurprising therefore that singing and whistling are two of the activities banned in the arcade and rigorously enforced by the Beadles, even today.

Rumour has it however that Sir Paul Mc Cartney is the only person currently exempt from the ban on whistling…

Burlington Arcade is a covered mall of small exclusive shops, many with their original signs, situated between Piccadilly and Old Burlington in the heart of Mayfair, London.

What makes Burlington Arcade unique is that here you will find the oldest and smallest police force in the world.

Originally recruited by Lord Cavendish from his regiment The Royal Hussars, the Beadles are easy to spot, dressed in their uniform of Victorian frock coats, gold buttons and gold-braided top hats.