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But then at the end of the day, she’s still struggling and it – thankfully, you know, that’s what we do on our show, and we don’t tie everything up in a bow.

And I think it’s very interesting for the audience to sort of be with her in the present and see that she is a woman, you know, with the relatable problems that everybody can find themselves in.

With Brian Van Holt, Judah Domke, Jonathan Abrahams, Zorie Barber and Callie Thorne.

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We see some cleavage (most of it on the covers of pornographic magazines), a few bare shoulders, a man's posterior (he's wearing a thong), and a few shirtless men.

We see couples in bed (they're invariably hidden by sheets) and a few brief scenes of couples having sex (usually in shadow).

In two instances women perform oral sex: in one scene we see a woman bending down with her face in a man's crotch; we can see her posterior (she's wearing a thong).

In the other scene we see a woman tear a man's shirt off, and then proceed to kiss his chest while moving downwards.

Actress Callie Thorne has made a name for herself appearing in many of television’s most celebrated series.