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Now that my work is focused locally, I’ve had to find other ways to connect more broadly – with organizations like World Class Cities Partnership.With them, I’ve travelled to different international cities, exploring the anatomy of innovation.

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Over that time, he acquired the skills of an Assistant Project Manager and a degree from Wentworth in Project Management and Civil Engineering.

As Josh balanced the responsibilities of school and a full-time job, he still found time to pursue at least one of his passions – breeding dogs – one particular breed of dog, Coton de Tulear, the Royal Dog of Madagascar!

There’s no boundary between my professional and personal life and I don’t want any boundaries limiting the way I think about the world, either. I’m working on my ability to prioritize – but, I gave up on balance years ago. They brought an experienced staff to Commodore and a large portfolio of commercial office buildings and major institutional projects.

You’ve always said that achieving “balance” in life is over-rated. I think we have to be successful carving out the time we really need to do what we really want to do. Their history of managing large, complex projects, including large office parks, restorations and commercial jobs, has strengthened and accelerated our combined growth. I’ve got 3 kids, all graduated from college – another reminder that I’m not a young gun anymore. Just the same way that I never quite feel like I’ve arrived – they haven’t arrived either – but I’m hopeful for all of us.

We’re working with smart people who are driving development and change locally and impacting the blueprint of important initiatives like Boston’s Innovation District.

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