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Now that my work is focused locally, I’ve had to find other ways to connect more broadly – with organizations like World Class Cities Partnership.

I use Commodore’s 6 Qualities of Excellence as a guide. Based on the very positive market reaction, I would say the integration with Commodore has gone very well. I’m still going through the transition of having children who don’t need me in the same way they used to. Our kids have unlimited opportunities in front of them and I feel good that we’ve been able to help them with that. I recently turned 55, which gives me plenty to reflect on.

Those qualities apply to everyone, in just about every facet of life. We’re mid-way through our second decade as a firm and, personally, I’m proud of the kind of firm we are, what we stand for and our position in the market. I’m thinking about how I want to live the next 20 or 30 years, God willing. I love the quote, “If you want to make God laugh – show him your plan.” But I do want to live every day with purpose – not to feather my own nest – but to do meaningful things.

Over that time, he acquired the skills of an Assistant Project Manager and a degree from Wentworth in Project Management and Civil Engineering.

As Josh balanced the responsibilities of school and a full-time job, he still found time to pursue at least one of his passions – breeding dogs – one particular breed of dog, Coton de Tulear, the Royal Dog of Madagascar!

It was back in November, 2002 that he founded Commodore… I wanted to build something different…something employees could have a stake in…could share pride in.