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A young woman trying to cross the road was struck by both a Mazda MX-6 and a Lincoln Continental, breaking her neck and killing her.

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A Jane Doe case that baffled investigators for 27 years and was featured on Unsolved Mysteries has finally been solved, thanks to cutting edge FBI fingerprint analysis.

Virginia woman Andrea Kuiper, 26, was the person struck and killed by two cars in Huntington Beach, California on April 1, 1990, officials with the Orange County Sheriff's Department revealed on Thursday.'We are thankful to know what happened to our daughter after all these years,' Andrea's father, Richard Kuiper, said in a statement.'Andrea was loved and respected. But she was manic depressive, and therefore we had been through quite an adventure.'The mystery that spanned decades began around 10pm on April 1, 1990, on a scenic stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway that runs next to a public beach.

In March researchers claimed that if a major tremor hit California, it could plunge large parts of the area into the sea almost instantly.

The discovery was made after studying the Newport-Inglewood fault, which has long been believed to be one of Southern California's danger zones.

In a keynote speech to a meeting of the Japan Geoscience Union and American Geophysical Union, Dr Jones warned that the public are yet to accept the randomness of future earthquakes.