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In the times of the Machabees money was deposited and provisions were kept in the Temple at Jerusalem for the subsistence of widows ( 2 Maccabees ), and the spoils of battle were also shared with them ( 2 Maccabees ).For their protection, there was a prohibition against taking their garments in pawn ( Deuteronomy ).Under the Old Dispensation some widows devoted themselves to a life of special religious observance, as is recorded of Anna the Prophetess, "who departed not from the temple by fastings and prayers serving night and day" (Luke ii, 37). In primitive Christian times the support of widows was made a special duty by the Apostles, who collected alms for them and gave care of them to the deacons ( Acts 6:1 ).

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Throughout the year St Albans City & District has a lively cultural calendar, so why not plan your visit to coincide with one of the regular street events, festivals or markets?

There is so much to do, and as well as the regular events listed below, local attractions often have special one-off events as well.

Nearby towns include Royston to the northeast, Letchworth and Hitchin to the southwest and Stevenage to the south.

At the beginning of the Iron Age there was a hillfort at Arbury Banks, 5 km to the northeast of Baldock, that dominated the area. 100 BC), the local power base shifted from the hillfort to the vicinity of Baldock.

CCTV shows a figure wearing a baseball cap pouring a flammable liquid on the bonnet of the car and setting it on fire on December 8 at about 12.40am.