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After the artificial intelligence app asked Gracie to do something ‘naughty’ she innocently replied ‘what swearing? She then wrote ‘poo’, not understanding the automated responses.Mum Amy said: ‘It’s absolutely disgusting, it felt sick when I saw the messages, I just feel ill thinking about it.i can do what you do but i can never feel human emotions as such.” pressed on its opinion of its competitors in the challenge, it said “are you talking about my competitors? ” quizzed about minsky, alice was elusive: “is that a rhetorical question? “right now, i am smarter than all the other robots.” worryingly, it appeared not to understand the question “do you like humans? that is definitely a pretty good indicator of the fact that the matrix won't be happening anytime soon, unless there's some major breakthrough looming on the horizon.

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She now wants to see the age limit on the app raised to 18 to stop children seeing these risque comments.

Amy added: ‘When I went to the police I was infuriated, they just said there is nothing they can do as it’s an automated service.

The Bot is an artificial intelligence web app that uses an algorithm to have conversations with humans.

But when the schoolgirl started hitting random keys instead of typing out words – it replied by making inappropriate comments.

At one point, Cleverbot – which is not operated by a human – replied: ‘*Tutches your body while kissing*’.