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“From the get-go, I thought this could be the future,” Rogowsky told Page Six on Wednesday. The speed of it all is overwhelming and it’s truly incredible.” Rogowsky was born in New York City and raised in Westchester County.He attended Johns Hopkins University and it was there — while pursuing a political science degree — that he discovered his natural talents in comedy.

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Watch out Alex Trebek, there’s a new game show host in town.

In just three months, comedian Scott Rogowsky has become a household name, thanks to the hot new app HQ Trivia.

It is not the craziest thing that's ever happened in the world.'" said Kardashian.

"And so he was like, ' He's your boyfriend?

As proof of the importance of reading scripts / watching movies and burrowing into their underlying structure, check out this video clip with screenwriter Kristen ‘Kiwi’ Smith who co-wrote such hits as .