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Moreover, volunteers wrote up scene-by-scene breakdowns for most of the scripts to serve as a foundation for our week-long discussion. This initiative is in keeping with two of the guiding principles I had in mind when I created this blog in May 2008:has won 52 awards, including a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature, and been nominated for 49 other awards including two Oscars: Best Original Song and Best Animated Feature. Those are key questions we will be considering in our reading and analysis of the here.

The move has grossed over $657 million in worldwide box office revenue. With the ongoing release of 2017 movie scripts as part of the studios annual For Your Consideration campaigns, I am soliciting volunteers to read one of these scripts and do a scene-by-scene breakdown.

As proof of the importance of reading scripts / watching movies and burrowing into their underlying structure, check out this video clip with screenwriter Kristen ‘Kiwi’ Smith who co-wrote such hits as .

For those folks who volunteer to write a scene-by-scene breakdown, beyond your name being noted here, my thanks, and your own personal dose of creative juju, you will learn something about story structure and further develop this important skill set.

2 / Will King I, Tonya / Niki Leydecker Lady Bird / Sridhar Reddy Logan / Stephen Williams Lost City of Z / Richard Koman The Man Who Invented Christmas / Michelle Carter Mudbound / Mark Furney Okja / Vincent Eggleston The Shape of Water / Mokhtar Djawadi Thor: Ragnarok / Gina Gomez Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri / Halil Akgündüz Victoria & Abdul / Joni Brainerd Bold = Turned in scene-by-scene breakdown Now is YOUR chance to contribute to this most worthy cause and provide an additional resource for the online screenwriting community.