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The researchers informed the women that they were rated based on the degree to which the men thought they would get along with each woman (but what the women did not know was that these men and their Facebook profiles were fictitious).The women in this study were either told that the four male profiles they were examining were men that liked them best, liked them an average amount, or in the uncertain condition (which meant that the men either liked them the best or liked them an average amount, and the women were unaware of what the men had rated them).

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[Read: How men really fall in love] Some girls play hard to get with a guy all the time, while some girls are overly friendly and flip their lid for the first guy who makes a move at them.

Based on scientific studies, it is seen that men are not put off by either of these women.

Of course if both women and men play too hard to get then there will be no chance of anyone getting together. Walster, E., Walster, G., Piliavin, J., & Schmidt, L. “Playing hard to get”: Understanding an elusive phenomenon.

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 26 (1), 113-121 DOI: 10.1037/h0034234Whitchurch, E.

The study found that the women were most attracted to the men when they did not know how they were rated (aka the uncertain condition).