Mobile hookups free no logins

But logging in manually was no trouble, and every other login and search was covered by an easy web connection or voice search, respectively.The homescreen is Google's Leanback Launcher, with about a dozen apps suggested but not pre-loaded, so they install from the Play Store upon first selection.

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The remote uses Bluetooth, so it works without line of sight and even through walls.

The standard AAA batteries mean it's a little chunkier than some similar designs, since it's only used for infrequent button presses and voice commands, but such is the price for avoiding d-pad keyboard input.

The microphone is on the top, causing me to look like an impromptu karaoke singer every time I want to use it, but I had no problems with speed or clarity for voice commands.

The mic wants your mouth to be close to listen in, but that doesn't bother me: it means fewer false positives from other sources.

A circular base keeps the light gadget from slipping around, with a barcode and regulatory labels inside.