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So, you guys see the gravity of this situation now, right? Truly, these white men with their weird-ass facial hair decisions gave me so much life today. Audience members threw slices of bread as the band stepped on stage, which prompted Harwell to cuss out his perpetrators who potentially turned a soundtrack into a swan song.

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Many of the college-age students dressed as Shrek or wore Hawaiian shirts to mimic the band’s laid-back style.

However, the ties to a childhood movie meant that even some of Smash Mouth’s more popular songs, like “Walking on the Sun” didn’t get the same enthusiastic reaction.

Diamond Rio, a country group based in Nashville headlined the festival on Friday night. Accolades and awards aside, the two groups vary not just in genre but also nostalgia.

Their claim to fame is the song “Meet in the Middle.” With the track’s release in 1991, the band became the first country group to have a debut single reach number one on the U. Jasmine Kirby, a Masters student in library science, said she was unaware Smash Mouth was still touring.

The group did not know when it would resume its schedule."They're taking it one day at a time," according to a representative for Interscope, the band's label.