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If anyone’s getting fired here, it should be Fergus, the manager.) That said, if you don’t want to go that route and just want to stay out of it, you can attempt to refuse to discuss the situation with either Jane or Fergus.

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When he drove into the gates of the monument at Paardekraal he was taken to court. The man whom I thought was a leader and an inspiration to his people took to calling me obsessively and crying noisily on my answerphone.

Another time, he and his wife turned up to beg me to testify favourably and to ‘stop the press’ from writing about us. I implored his wife to make him realize that it was his court case and that he should desist from hounding me.

It basically said something along the lines of: “I’m pregnant and it’s yours.” I was shocked, of course.

I immediately showed it to him and then I heard them fighting in his office.

Terre’blanche was cut from the same cloth as you, Oscar.