Who is bill clinton dating

Willey made her allegations public in 1998, and Clinton "emphatically" denied that the interaction was sexual, arguing that he hugged Willey and may have kissed her on the forehead.Willey says she was "friends" with Clinton and confided in him during the meeting that she and her husband were having financial troubles.Clinton has denied all of the allegations against him, including those made by four other women who say they had consensual extramarital relationships with him.

President Bill Clinton's decision to lie under oath about his consensual affair with the White House intern Monica Lewinsky almost forced him from the presidency.

But allegations made by four other women that Clinton either sexually assaulted or harassed them have done little to discredit him among his supporters.

“The housekeeping staff was afraid to bend over in his presence,” Ms Tripp told the Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine.

Ms Tripp said White House employees who cleaned the offices learned to avoid Mr Clinton amid rumours about his “libidinous impulses”.

On May 23, Trump posted an Instagram video with the question "Is Hillary really protecting women?