Dating and waiting to reconnect

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“Those are things that recruiters and companies want to make sure exist with a candidate.”Scott says if you haven’t taken the time to identify the company’s most pressing issues that you can tackle once on board, don’t fret.

Use Linked In (naturally) and other online resources to research articles or business challenges the company or industry might be facing.

“You want to be following up with the right balance of enthusiasm and interest,” she notes, “but without coming across as desperate.”There’s a fine line between persistence and pushiness, cautions Lindsey Dole, VP of people at Updater, a tech company that facilitates home moving.

Dole, a veteran of Google who subsequently grew Tumblr’s workforce by 300 people, says that in order to stay on the right side of that line, you need a mind-set of “continuing the conversation” rather than “asking for a decision.”After you’ve completed an interview, sending a killer thank-you note is de rigueur.

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