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Although it was painted years ago by Elgin artist David Powers as part of a city-funded commission, word of the mural spread through the area this week when side-by-side comparison with the 86-year-old photograph were posted on social media.

The mural depicts a crowd of onlookers — the lower portion of the photograph — rather than the two lynchings captured in the top half of the famous 1930 photo of an Indiana lynching.

“No rash decisions can be made either way, this is a process that we can grow from so we really encourage people to attend our community conversation and become a part of the solution.”Max Green reports for the WBEZ news desk.

The Herpes Support Group is for people with herpes looking for support in dealing with herpes.

PDX friends PDX Friends (secret Facebook group) This group is intended to provide fun times and social support for those who have HSV and/or HPV and are in the younger age bracket (18-30 something).

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