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Fantasy literature is full of creatures that are basically living rock.

From Tolkein's trolls that turn to stone in daylight, to Pratchett's silicon based life-forms of the same name.

However, in light of the fascinating chemistry of vanadium and its potential significance as the storage medium for future energy, it may turn out we have a lot to learn from these creatures.

Say what you want about Russ—"He's too cocky," "He's arrogant," "He tweets too much."—but nobody in hip-hop, save for maybe Mos Def or Vince Staples, is giving a better interview these days. Because they lived long enough for you to not fuck with them. Sometimes it's better to burn out than fade away." Man, if that isn't the truth, I don't know what is. There was a comment like, ' Yo, why it look like Russ look like a fan that just met his idol? Cole prior to their work together on his latest album. DJBooth is committed to quality music journalism, never clickbait.

You’d have to pick a number that is actually in use, then guess the correct name, address and CVV number for the bank to approve the transaction.